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The staff of A-X Heat Tansfer will be glad to submit a detailed proposal, including weights, arrangement and space requirement, covering AX Sections to meet specified operating requirements. This service is offered without any obligation so that interested parties may have an opportunity to determine definitely how well AX Sections might be employed to fulfill their needs.
Final design plans are the customer's responsibility and A-X Heat Transfer assumes no liability for their suitability.

As much as possible of the following data should be supplied when requesting a proposal on AX Sections:
This page may be printed and faxed or e-mailed to the above.

1. Fluid to be condensed or cooled:                                  Date

a. Viscosity c. Specific heat
b. Specific gravity d. Thermal conductivity

2. Quantity of vapor to be condensed and cooled – gals./hr.

3. Quantity of liquid (in addition to vapor) to be cooled – gals./hr.

4. Quantity of steam to be condensed and cooled – lbs./hr.

5. Quantity of gas to be cooled – cu. ft./hr.

6. Total heat to be removed – BTU/hr.

7. Initial temperature of fluids – degrees F.

8. Final temperature of fluids – degrees F.

9. Initial temperature of cooling water – degrees F.

10. Final temperature of cooling – degrees F.

11. Maximum operating pressure – lbs./sq. in.

12. Maximum allowable pressure drop – lbs./sq. in.

13. Are Sections to be submerged in, or sprayed with, water?

14. Quality of water – hard, soft; clean, dirty; salt, fresh; acid, alkali

15. Size of available box, if any:           long,             wide,               high

16. Size of available space for box or spray pit:          long,           wide,          high

17. Type of condenser or cooler now used, if any

18. Quantity of surface now used, if any – sq. ft.

19. Point of delivery